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Testimonial – Krystal Mak


Testimonial – Krystal Mak

I began attending PA College Prep’s classes in second grade; even in elementary school they provided me with the skills I needed to excel in my studies. The instructors and the secretaries instilled in me a sense of confidence and a sense of determination to set and reach formidable goals. My parents especially adored the school because of its personal attention; PA College Prep kept in close contact with them whenever I began to lose focus, ensuring that I continually worked hard. It was no surprise that when it came time for SAT prep, PA College Prep was at the top of our list.

After my first diagnostic score of 1800, I knew I had a long road ahead of me if I wanted to break 2100. The instructors simplified each section of the SAT and taught me a few key techniques for achieving my goal. The course was rigorous and the tests difficult, but in the end I knew I had made the right choice in attending PA College Prep. Thanks to their program, I far surpassed my goal and achieved a perfect 2400 on the SAT Reasoning Test. I recommend PA College Prep to everyone, because unlike other institutions, they never fail to deliver the top scores they promise.

Krystal Mak
Diamond Bar High School


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